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Short Sands Lager

Short Sands Lager

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The Perfect Lager can be consumed anywhere - from your front porch to the sandy beaches of Oswald West State Park, in a glass or straight from the can. We're not saying we made The Perfect Lager. But we did make a Lager: Short Sands.

Lagers take time and careful consideration. We’ve been working on Short Sands for years - calculating the ideal balance of floral and fruity, malty and toasty. Clean, crisp esters from a low and slow fermentation, classic German malts and noble hops for the barest touch of malt sweetness. A pressurized tank during fermentation produces natural carbonation and here we are. The perfect can size (12 oz), available all year long from wherever you get your good beer. Maybe it is The Perfect Lager?

ABV: 4.8%

*1% of proceeds benefit North Coast Surfrider Foundation
*Can Artwork by Aaron Draplin

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