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Dystopian Morning Light 4pk

Dystopian Morning Light 4pk

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Fort George knows stouts. We’ve made hundreds of stouts. We’ve tasted thousands of stouts. We’ve perfected dozens of stouts. But we’ve only canned a few stouts. 

Last year we worked with Ex Novo to brew a stout worthy of both of our reputations. As Dystopian Morning Light breaks over the rim of your glass, you’ll find dark cherry and a blazing, almost savory roast with little spicy hints of barrel char and whiskey. So silky. So smooth. Dystopian Morning Light was brewed to honor the darkest month,  aged for 10 months in Willett Whiskey and Stagg Jr Bourbon barrels, and canned in 12oz 4-packs. 

ABV: 12%

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